How to clean different spots?

cleaning-west-londonEvery one of us it had to clean different spots, whether from coffee, ink, chocolate stumbled on the couch, carpet, garment or avtotapitseriyata. Stains can be different and diverse, but the problem ends at the moment that you know how to clean them. When cleaning any stain it is important to remember two basic rules. First and foremost rule is rapid response staining. Secondly, prior to test a portion of tissue that is not visible to decrease the risk of damage.

Daily fight to clean the same spots as for example: chocolate, coffee, ink, grass because they are the most stubborn man always has to be careful with them. Stains appear so suddenly and unexpectedly that sometimes go days while determine their presence. Let’s look at the main spots, which we have seen and see how to deal with their cleaning without hurting the tissue.


Cleaning stains from chocolate

The first and most important thing is to remove using a knife or other sharp object in chocolate from the surface of the fabric. Then dip the corner of a towel in rubbing alcohol and treat the stain gently to dissolve the stain of chocolate. Wait 20 minutes and wipe the stain with a dry cloth. If the stain is still present, treat it with a solution of hot water and ammonia in a ratio of 1: 1. The important thing is not to mix ammonia with chlorine preparations or those containing bleach. Wipe the stain again and neutralize the ammonia in a solution of one part vinegar to four parts warm water. Now you can rinse thoroughly with warm water. Chocolate stain is gone.


Cleaning stains from coffee and tea

Carefully soak the stain of coffee or tea and blot with a tissue or paper towels. When stains from coffee or tea that are fresh can clean them with cold milk. Flight stain with milk and a circular motion treat it carefully. Then rinse with lukewarm water. But if the stain is old and dried on, you can remove using glycerin. Grease a nice spot of tea or coffee with glycerin, allow 20 minutes to break down and rinse again with warm water. Then you can apply a standard laundry in the washing machine.


Cleaning stains from candy

Who did not happened at least once to miss your favorite lukche on the shirt or pants. As he felt and now has a dark stain on the fabric. To make sure that the stain of candy will be removed at 100%, gently moisten with water and brush it with a soft brush from the fabric. Then soak a towel in the end and treat the stain, let it dry and there will be no sign of stain.


Cleaning stains from ink

In cleaning the stains of ink you have to be very careful and precise, because not only can be enlarged, but may stain fabric, improper treatment. When cleaning the ink smears need to arm yourself with patience and to act. Take a towel and moisten with milk, then gently rub the fabric. The ink should begin to degrade and begin to blot with a tissue or paper towels. If the milk has not worked enough on the spot and still has ink residues it with lemon juice.

When we have to clean more specific patches of fabric should meet well what method and how to clean. Wrong and wrong treatment has a great opportunity to lose your favorite garment or leave an even bigger stain on the fabric.

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