142373096197997The Idea of buying a golf property is a thought “assumed” to run only through the mind of the extremely wealthy. It is supposedly thought that when the wealthy has nothing more to do with money; they buy things that are unnecessary like golf property for sale in bulgaria. This is NOT true. Owners of golf properties who put in place a good management are really wealthy because they have good management to ensure the golf property runs successfully.

So why Bulgaria? Golf arrived in Bulgaria less than a decade ago and in that short period; there is a golf course that is considered to be one of the best 3 golf courses on the face of the earth; Bulgaria is a relatively quiet country with little or no incident and they have managed to keep it that way for years; it is a safe place to invest your money and as we all know, Properties always appreciate.

If you don’t plan on running a Golf Course, it is still advisable to invest and watch the appreciation because there is an excellent chance that you will make untold profits from your investment, Bulgaria is coming to the spotlight gradually and maybe in another couple of years; it will have completely taken its place as a Golfers haven. I have listed a few specific areas in Bulgaria and around the Black Sea where you can run your scout and pick up quality properties; this cities are important area’s along the coast

There are excellent Bulgarian golf properties for sale just by the ocean in Pomorie/Sarafovo, also there are other properties in Vidin. Now Bulgaria has so many landed properties with little or no plans and this is a great opportunity because their lands are fertile and not being used; you could snatch several acres of landed properties at very low prices compared to the United States or other developing Golf locations

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